The Handle Standard for the Cardano blockchain.

What is ADA Handle?

ADA Handle is an NFT standard that allows custom Cardano addresses for everyone, secured entirely on-chain and which dynamically resolve to the holder's wallet address.

At its most basic level, NFT's issued by ADA Handle are delivered to the buyer's sending wallet address. Once confirmed on the blockchain, any developer (whether from ADA Handle or completely independent) can query the location of that Handle without dependence on ADA Handle APIs.

This lets dApp developers offer easy address naming solutions to their users, while still supporting traditional addresses from Cardano.

Ensure Correct Policy ID's

Remember, on Cardano NFT's always have an associated Policy ID that separates them from copy-cat scams on the network. Ensure that you are always looking up Handles with an official ADA Handle Policy ID.

Ready to get a "handle" on things? Let's do it.

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